eBMS is flexible, yet powerful, benefit management system that will drive insurance benefit management system which will manage rules and claim entry, processing and reporting

It helps to process employee benefits by applying complex user defined rules.

It helps the employers by reducing their effort, cost and time of processing and maintaining vast employee claims.

Application is developed as a web solution to cater multiple user operations with various roles for each of them. The application enables Benefit administrator to handle claims under various medical categories and sections using customizable calculation rules. Rules engine is a vital feature which handles distribution of claim amount amongst various accounts.

Every claim process will be tracked and processed against codes selected by process admin. Informative claim parameters are carried forward with each page to maintain smooth traceability. Administrator operations are very much helpful in handling financial account and Application account mapping, Account balance check, Account limit settings, User creation, Monitoring of DB changes and Claim process overridden details.

Reports are helpful in analyzing claim process data in financial (GL) accounts and also to monitor the status of each employee and their dependents against various accounts. Security concern is addressed by using cryptographic functions for storing passwords in DB.


  • Generic application for claim processing.
  • Customizable Reports.
  • Configurable parameters.
  • User friendly GUI.
  • Single click installation.
  • Role Based Access
  • Define and manage rules.
  • Audit Trails.
  • Rollover account balances.